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How can we reliance upon the quality of the products offered by you?
Since past seven years, Pharma Drop Ship Store in one of the most eminent online pharmacy store in India. Backed with the top-notch manufacturers, we cherish our vision of leveraging the finest product with in affordable prices. Moreover we also offer free Sample of one blister to our all international clients (shipping charges excluded) we dedicatedly strive in realizing customer satisfaction by helping them in every single manner.

Is these Free Sample are apply for people residing in India too?
No, these free samples are only applicable for the foreign clients dwelling outside India.

What is the manner of payment at Pharma Dropship store?
We don't provide any form of credit facility which made us charge 100% payment at the time of placing an order. At Pharma Dropship Store, Goods will be shipped only when whole amount of payment is been provided by our valuable customer and confirmed by our side.

What the mode of payment at Pharma Dropship Store?
We at Pharma Dropship Store request you to make your payment through Money gram and Bank Wire (For Indian Customers). Once the payment is done, you will transform as our loyal customers and become qualified to attain all the specified benefits associated with the respective services.

What are the terms in respect of minimum order of product?
The terms and conditions in respect of minimum order of the product is given below;-
  • For foreign customers- there is no minimum quantity of order they have to make specifically. In literal terms, they can even buy one blister.
  • For Indian customers- For placing an order, they have to buy at least 50 blisters in total, without fulfilling this condition; they are not allowed to place an order.

What are the shipping terms in respect of the product ordered?
All the orders placed by our customers will be appropriately shipped after final sagacious inspection within 24 hours after the receipt of payment is confirmed in our account. We also ship products from Europe to Europe.

When we will receive the order placed with your company?
We understand the requirement of our customers and seek our best to make the products available within reasonable time. Yet, the traditional time for delivery provided below-
  • EMS (Private mode) - With the use of this mode, the product will be delivered to you with in 7 to 9 working days.
  • Registered Mail - With the Use of this mode, the product will be delivered to you with in 10 to 14 working days.

What are the tracking terms of an order? How can we do it from our behalf?
After confirmation of the payment by our side, we despatch your order and offers the tracking number within 24 hours with all the respective details where you can keep a valid track on the products on your own behalf. The tracking details of the product come in functioning after 48 hours on receiving the tracking number.

What if we don't receive our order?
In case, the order made by you, doesn't get fulfilled in respect of delivery, or come forth as damaged in any aspect, then we are the one who will take complete accountability for it. In such situation, we will reship the order placed by you without payment of anything single penny provided that a picture of product in question will be shown by you.

What are the reshipping criteria? Is there any condition in which you don't reship?
Whenever the order placed by you struck up in custom, we do reship for free. And the reship of the product is done within the timeframe of 21 days from getting struck in custom. Yes, there is one condition in which we don't reship. It is when addressee is not available at the mentioned address at the time of delivery.

In case of further query and doubt, feel free to contact our customer support. You can easily reach out to us at